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Ours ModUles

Customer Service

CRM software has been accepted by customers for more than 10 years.

Knowledge Based

Knowledge Base Management To help users answer questions quickly and accurately.


Offer multi-channel customer sales. Increased sales and customer awareness.

Customer Portal

increase multi-channel Customer to Contact Company such as web-chat, web contact us

Omni-channel CRM

iMind effectively unifies all channels, from calls and SMS to email, live chat, company web site, social media, instant messaging, and potentially the internet of things (IoT), bringing the most relevant communication channels together in one interface, streamlining the company’s interaction with the customer.

Excellent Customer Services

iMind provide compelling customer service experiences that build customer loyalty. iMind help to simplify case management, streamline escalations, and improve knowledge sharing. Customer services team to work together with teams across its company to faster fix customer issues and ensure that customer issues are progressed in a timely manner and within service level agreements (SLA).

Comprehensive Knowledge

iMind come with intuitive and user-friendly HTML editor tools that help company make knowledge quick and easy. User can simply copy-and-paste content from MS Word, Excel, Text, or even web page. Both employees and customers can easy to find the answers by using keyword search. 

Extend Integration with External Tools

iMind CRM give company flexible choices to  customize program to meet business requirements. And also flexible to integrate with other systems using various methods; such as web services, app API, database query, or even text file import.

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Line Chat Integration

Enable Line chat as omni-channel services. All chat conversation between customers and agents will keep in iMind and can trace back when need.

Outbound Campaign

Can make tele-sales or tele-marketing by filtering customers as desire conditions or importing prospect list from Excel. To broadcast promotions or info to mass customers, send out emails, sms, faxes, or Line messages as need.

Customer Self-Service

Customer can use on their own terms, boosting satisfaction and retention ,can issue tickets and track progress till it finish.With web chat, customer can get interactive conversation with agent to get answer and help quickly.

Business WorkFlow

Automate workflow functionality and make sure that all stakeholders are informed when prerequisite tasks have been completed; via email, sms, etc. Workflow contain vairous steps and each step can set SLA and notification rules as need.

Dashboard and Automated Reports

iMind come with graphical and text format reports that all can export as MS Excel, Word, PDF or HTML. Company can create auto-generate report rules to get automatic emails with report attached as scheduled.

Easy to use interface

The new version is responsive and Efficient for user.Supports all browsers such as chrome, firefox and IE.

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